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Digitalizing the seafood sales process

We are a handful of ambitious and dedicated individuals out on a mission to digitalize the process of matching suppliers with customers in the salmon industry.

Where buyers and sellers meet:

JET Seafood is creating the digital gateway where buyers and sellers of wholesale salmon can match their bids and offers. By creating one marketplace for the physical trading of salmon we bring to our users a lower cost of doing business, a smarter way of updating their trade records and saving both parties precious time.

Not only a meeting place:

JET Seafood will through our portal also offer our users enhanced experiences within logistics, credit insurance and communication. Find all your records here, communicate at ease with your counterparty and benchmark yourself against the market.

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About Us

JET Seafood was founded in November 2017 in Bergen. The name comes from the founder's 3 children, Jacob, Emilie and Tobias. At the same time it fits well with the company's idea of speeding up the process of trading salmon to the speed of the speed of a jet.

Our Team

We are three people working hard to realize our goals and targets for JET Seafood. The initial member was Eirik Talhaug ( He was after a few months joined by Dag Seter ( and last but not least, by Jose "Pepe" Martinez ( 

Dewey Hall

Eirik Talhaug


Perry Larson

Dag Seter


Lorenzo Pope

Jose Martinez

IT Consultant


Investment opportunities:

We are currently looking for investors to join us on this journey to digitalize the sales process for the Norwegian salmon industry. The company is looking for additional capital for the opportunities that exist in this 70 billion NOK market. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the link below.